DEAR Agenda adaptation and commitments in Northwestern Bulgaria

The Local DEAR Agenda in Northwestern Bulgaria is in adaptation in Northwestern Bulgaria. Within the Rural DEAR Agenda project the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vratsa, as Bulgarian Coordinator, concluded twelve agreements for continuation and further development of the project idea towards Global Citizenship Education /GCE/, from which six local authorities (municipalities), five central elementary schools, three NGOs and the Regional council for development.

This official singing-up of the commitments was held within a workshop in Vratsa on 08.12.2017. The event is not mandatory planned for the RDA project implementation, but was welcomed by the DE actors and pilot practices’ beneficiaries in order to launch the GCE local network and the DEAR Agenda adaptation.

During the event it was stressed also on the dual track vocational education & training as a strong factor for the economy and not at least, for the regional development.

A dditionally, the 3rd edition of vivacom regional grant for small settlements in the country was introduced. It is aiming at participatory ideas for the welfare of rural areas and small communities and is open until 07.01.2018 for submission of project proposals. Under the moderation and guidance of the RDA local coordinator, Mariela Petkova, the participants were exited to generate new solutions and will work for submitting about five practices.