From 7th to 9th of march took place the annual meeting of the partners of the project Rural DEAR Agenda in Malta20th February 2017: the results of the phase of diagnostic of the project Rural DEAR Agenda were presented publiclyTwo-days training seminar titled 'Tradition and modernity' was held on 3 -4. November 2016 at the Information and Cultural Centre of the town of Troyan (Bulgaria)A meeting to summarize the pilot phase of the Rural Dear project took place in Łódź (Poland) on April 28, 2017.El pasado 28 de septiembre se presentó en Valladolid, España, el borrador de la Agenda del proyecto Rural DEAR
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Target Target

The project's overall objective is to improve the planning of the activities for Development Education and Awareness Raising in rural areas so that they are effective, and promote effectively solidarity and understanding of the causes of inequality and poverty.

To achieve that it is necessary to develop and promote a participatory model of development education to carry out in rural municipalities, including innovative and effective strategies, set in the European strategy for development education 2015.

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Summary Summary

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Partners Partners

The project will be carried out simultaneously in 7 municipalities, provinces or regions:

•    Valladolid (Spain).
•    Idalion (Cyprus).
•    Vratsa (Bulgaria).
•    Thessalia (Greece).
•    Malta.
•    Lodz (Poland). 
•    Molise (Italy).

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